Psychiatrist for ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders Posted Oct 30
Denver Health , Denver, CO
The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health in Denver, Colorado, the nation’s original and premier medical stabilization unit for those eating disordered patients suffering from the most extreme forms of the disease, is for the first time ever recruiting a full-time psychiatrist to work on this unit. ACUTE has just moved into a brand new 30 bed ICU-type unit due the ongoing increasing demands for this unique service. The person selected for this new position will be a member of the medical staff at Denver Health with an academic appointment at the University of Colorado School of Medicine commiserate with skills and academic experience.

In addition there is a tremendous opportunity for funded and investigator research with this extremely ill patient population. Successful candidate would be working on a multidisciplinary team, including Dr. Philip S. Mehler, Founder of ACUTE, and Dr. Margherita Mascolo, Medical Director of ACUTE.