Director of Research Posted Mar 05
Eating Recovery Center , Denver, CO
We are looking for a Director of Research & Evaluation who will collaborate with senior leadership and staff in the development and advancement of a research and evaluation agenda that aligns with Eating Recovery and Insight Behavioral Health's mission of providing the best care to patients and families. The DoRE's primary responsibility will be to utilize data and information to drive sound programmatic decision-making in a timely, yet scientifically defensible manner.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•Design comprehensive research and evaluation studies that assess program outcomes at the residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient levels of care across Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health facilities.
•Develop ongoing research and evaluation plans, predictive models, and data collection protocols and tools.
•Collect, manage, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data from treatment programs.
•Create systems and processes for using data to provide ongoing feedback and support to senior leadership and program heads for quality improvement purposes.
•Collaborate with senior leadership and staff to effectively communicate findings to internal and external audiences.
•Author peer-reviewed publications that contribute to the academic literature on the treatment of mood, anxiety, and eating disorders.
•Prepare conference presentations, research resources, and briefing/white papers that, along with peer-reviewed publications, increase Insight's external visibility and position Insight as a data-driven leader in the mental health services sector.
•Create and sustain a transparent data management system that uses syntax and other traceable manipulations to convert raw data points into more interpretable and analyzable aggregate data.

Education and/or Experience:
Ph.D. in Psychology, Statistics, Education, or a related field. 10+ years experience in data management and quantitative methods, with an emphasis on longitudinal data analysis and/or mixed-models analysis (e.g., hierarchical linear modeling, multilevel modeling, nested models). Some training/knowledge in psychometric and measurement methods.