Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian Posted Sep 15
RoundTable Wellness , Lafayette, IN
The Clinical dietitian nutritionist provides medical nutrition therapy to clients served at RoundTable Wellness. The dietitian will create nutritional programs based on the health needs of the client and counsel clients on how to lead a healthier lifestyle in a realistic way.
The Community dietitian nutritionist develops programs and counsels the public on topics related to nutrition and eating disorders. The community engagement will focus on prevention and early interventions in a variety of nutrition and mental health related issues.

Age of Patient Population Served: Adolescents (12 years & older), Adult (18 & older)
Population Served: Persons screened at nutritional risk based on agency standards

1. Utilize the Nutrition Care process to assess, diagnose, intervene, and monitor/evaluate nutrition outcomes
2. Utilize the intuitive eating approach to educate and counsel clients
3. Develop meal plans when medically appropriate (taking both cost and clients’ preferences into account), evaluate the effects of meal plans, and change the plans as needed
4. Obtain, assess, and document clients’ vitals and anthropometric data
5. Knowledge of the nature of eating disorders and the dietitian’s role in treatment
6. Knowledgeable of medical risks related to eating disorders
7. Knowledge of the stages of behavior change and motivational interview techniques along with other counseling modalities
8. Participate in weekly clinical team meetings reporting on clients that are pertinent for team review
9. Collaborate with outside providers as requested or deemed necessary for client care and/or safety
10. Keep up with the latest nutrition science researchDocument the nutrition care process, utilizing the standards of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, within the Electronic Health Record in the appropriate outpatient dietitian templates
11. Make appropriate referrals to other services, such as Diabetes Educator, Psychiatrists, and/or various Food Assistance Programs as indicated
12. Utilizes available medical nutrition therapy education materials or obtain them from reputable sources such as from the nutrition care manual
13. Participate in Performance Improvement initiatives
14. Design and obtain data for Nutrition Counseling Quality Assurance Study
15. Present nutrition-related departmental mandatory in-services
16. Participate in community speaking events to promote a healthy relationship with food and wellness
17. Participate in the development of company marketing materials
18. Knowledge of policies and procedures related to essential job duties